Crypto community shares divided opinion regarding Solana mobile phone launch

Solana (SOL) Mobile Phone

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After Solana announced the launch of its new smartphone, some community members lauded the development, saying it would support the progress of the Web 3 world. Some users said the phone's launch was making Solana the "Apple of the Web 3". Some community members even compared the progress of the SOL network to the Ethereum network.He added that Solana was launching a Web3 smartphone a few years after its launch, while Ethereum was yet to take such steps. Twitter user Thesolman said that Ethereum had gone "years without innovation". While the move received some praise from some members of the community, some believed that SOL launching the phone upgrade was not a realistic move, as the network has been experiencing issues with outages in recent months.

Earlier this month, the SOL Network saw a global blockchain halt, the fifth loss to the network in a year. The price of SOL fell after this outage. Because of these interruptions, some Twitter users were of the opinion that the Solana dev team should focus on increasing the credibility of their network.Cardano co-founder, Charles Hoskinson, was among the attackers on the SoL network, saying that if the phone is launched, users will have to find each other on Discord to restart the phone if it runs through problems. Faces performance issues due to the underlying Solana network.

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